Silque Yarn

What is

Silque TM is a revolutionary yarn that has a smooth texture and lustrous shine.

The final product produced using SilqueTM exhibits a dazzling hue that makes it distinct from the other fabrics available in the market today.

It is an appealing product that will be profitable to both the manufacturer and the customer.

SilqueTM has the capability to dye easily at low temperatures yielding brilliant shades.

This property would help manufacturers to optimize their entire process and also enable them to replace Viscose with silqueTM in a variety of applications.

SilqueTM is an ideal yarn for customized embroidery, sarees and apparel.


Silque's unique properties add value to the final product.

Its texture is soft and exhibits an appealing lustre characteristics that are identical to silk.

This distinguished variety of yarn provides good value for money as it is reasonably priced and has brilliant qualities like beautiful lustre, comforting smoothness and distinctive colour shades.

Being synthesized, SilqueTM reduces our dependency on natural resources.

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