Tri-Colour Yarns by AYM Syntex Limited

What are Tri-colour yarns? Tri-colour yarns are manufactured using a special single-step process that imparts an even colour to the yarn with melange like look. Tri-colour yarns assure an even mix of colours for a natural look as opposed to the air-entangled mono-coloured yarns that could lead to an uneven appearance across the carpet width. Tri-colour yarns are versatile in…

Novacore – A world class technology by AYM Syntex Limited

High tenacity polyester yarns are used for high performance applications where tenacity is the key factor. A high tenacity yarn has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The high tenacity yarns have been used in manufacture of  textiles, and carpets. Novacore is such a high tenacity yarn innovation made with super high tenacity polyester using…

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