What is the Best Thread to Use for Sewing?

A sewing thread is the starting point in the creation of any garment. It is the raw material that serves both an aesthetic purpose by providing a specific shape to the garment as well as a functional purpose by holding the garment together. While it is not applicable for knitting or weaving, this is a special type of yarn used…

Step-by-Step Guide on Sewing Threads for First-Time Users

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/3Ci-Ol1orsA You may have the best equipment, processes, and engineering for producing sewing yarn, but even a tiny flaw in the substrate can hamper the sewing thread’s quality. Thus, your sewing thread yarn must use the highest quality substrate to maintain exceptional quality and finish. So, here’s a short guide on sewing thread substrates to get you started….

Things To Know About Recycled Yarns

Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/polyester-thread-cheese-3748562/ Every year, over 480 billion plastic drinking bottles are produced. Out of these, the majority end up in landfills around the world, and only some are recycled. And since these bottles take over a thousand years to biodegrade, they can be devastating for the environment. Fortunately, modern technology is making it possible to recycle such plastic waste….

Benefits of Polyester Yarn

Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/textile-weaving-bench-factory-3751276/ You can buy many types of threads, but not many stand out as much as polyester threads. Polyester was invented in the mid-1900s by the British chemists, JR Whinfield and JT Dickson, and since then, it has become one of the most versatile types of thread on the market. It is regarded as superior to natural cotton…

What is Yarn Spinning Process

Fabric yarns come in varying qualities—some textured and rich, while others dull and fragile. So while purchasing yarn, you have to be able to identify high-quality yarns from low-quality ones. The one way to do that is by knowing the textile yarn spinning process. Why is that? Because the yarn spinning process is meticulous—one mistake and the quality of yarn…

Tri-Colour Yarns by AYM Syntex Limited

What are Tri-colour yarns? Tri-colour yarns are manufactured using a special single-step process that imparts an even colour to the yarn with melange like look. Tri-colour yarns assure an even mix of colours for a natural look as opposed to the air-entangled mono-coloured yarns that could lead to an uneven appearance across the carpet width. Tri-colour yarns are versatile in…

All You Need To Know About AYM Syntex Limited

With a track record that began back in 1985, we AYM Syntex (formerly known as Welspun Syntex) enjoy three decades of marketing leadership in synthetic yarn manufacturing. At AYM Syntex, we have established long standing relationships with leading global players and are renowned as “the trend-setters” in innovative yarn manufacturing for home textiles, automotive & fashion industries. Our 100% state-of-the…

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