Nylon 66 Yarns

Nylon 66 is a supremely premium polymer which has excellent properties, offers extreme comfort given its high inherent stretch, softer feel, high bulk, strength and stretch.



Nylon 66 yarns & fabrics exhibit the following properties:

  • Stretch Recovery
    Polyamide 66 is the most preferred choice of raw material for hosiery, socks, sportswear and intimate wear due to it's stretch recovery properties. Products made with Nylon 66 retain its shape and structure even in the most demanding environment without elongation.
  • Strength
    Nylon 66 strong molecular bonds are originally intended for high impact industrial material, the strength of each filament in the yarn is the highest amongst its competitor. This characteristic makes the nylon 66 fabric resistant to abrasion in normal wear , machine washing and drying.
  • Colorfastness
    During dyeing process, Nylon 66’s Amide group creates molecular bonds with the dye stuff molecules imparting the color resistance to extreme light and washing.
  • Soft Touch
    Flexibility of Nylon 66 combined with our micro filament production technique makes any fabric construction ,the softest in the market.
  • Cooling Effect
    Nylon 66 is an excellent thermal conductor , it easily absorbs body heat from the skin surface and dissipates it into the air imparting cooling effect in fabric.
  • Moisture Management
    Nylon 66 has one of the highest moisture regain among all the synthetic fibers.Like any synthetic fiber,it is hydrophobic .Only small portion of moisture is absorbed into the filaments and remaining moisture lying in between the filaments , quickly evaporate.
  • Temperature Resistance
    Higher melting point of Nylon 66, allows it to be processed in texturizing, dyeing and printing at a higher temperature.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Due to its stable molecular structure, Polyamide 66 is highly resistant to chemical reaction caused by chlorine.
  • Durability
    Properties of Polyamide 66 impart its fabrics/garments maximum durability.

Nylon 66 Yarn Product Categories:

  • Nylon 66 DTY/Nylon Textured

  • Nylon 66 DTY Twisted

  • Nylon 66 Dyed Yarn


  • Apparel

  • Sports Wear

Product Lustres Available

  • SD* - Semi Dull

  • FD* - Full Dull

Deniers / Filament

  • 40 / 13

  • 40 / 34

  • 70 / 24

  • 70 / 34

  • 70 / 68

  • 100 / 34

  • 100 / 68